'Let me be free' Samara We should be free to marry who we love
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debut single 'Let Me Be Free'
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Let Me Be Free was inspired by the growing issue of forced marriage in the LGBT community. Forced marriage has no geographical boundaries and exists right here, right now within the United Kingdom. It sweeps across all communities, and every day people are forcing loved ones into a lie.

Forced marriage is when LGBT individuals are ‘forced’ into straight marriages by their families who threaten them with emotional abandonment and sometimes physical harm if they resist following through with the marriage. Some families think “the problem” can be fixed through therapies and medication. This is ultimately a path of futility and despair. Love needs no cure.


Legislation is in place to help protect victims from this type of abuse. Much has been done to raise awareness, and victims can seek help and advice to cope with their feelings of guilt and shame. However, there are those victims who are too afraid to speak out and to seek help. This song is an effort to give those individuals a voice and to show them they are not alone.


Let them be free. Let them make their own choices. They have hearts, souls, minds. Give them a voice. Let them be free.











There are many facets to domestic abuse, all of which need to be recognised and addressed. NO ONE should have to endure the heartache of an abusive situation whether it is physical, emotional or financial. If this is you, you are not alone. There is help for anyone in this or any other abusive situation.

'Let me be free' 'Your shame'

"I wrote Let Me Be Free because I'm free to have my say and I feel an obligation to speak for those who can’t.  I’ve seen the devastating effect forced marriage has on those who feel they are strangers in their own skin. As a member of the police force in the UK, I’ve dedicated the last 19 years of my life protecting those who can’t protect themselves."

'Let me be me'

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